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What do we work for?

In its pilot year, School To Lead Foundation shall reach and impact 10+ schools in multifarious capacity and support 10+ organizations or individuals working in development sector with the common aim of catalyzing holistic education while keeping Student Leadership at the centre.

We aim to engage and empower the two stakeholders of a school system, i.e. Educators and Parents to be able to support the Learners in their Leadership journey.

'Don't help others, enable them'

School To Lead Foundation is ideated to catalyze excellent education using the tool of collaboration. We work with organizations and individuals engaged in education sector to buttress their work and multiply the impact. Building on the premise that many organizations and individuals who are engaged in philanthropic work often face challenges which limit their outcomes we aim to bring such independent initiatives on a platform and enable them to maximize their potential. To achieve this, School To Lead Foundation is working with a two-pronged approach:

1.) To collaborate with existing organizations and individuals to maximize the impact of their work in alignment to their vision;

2.) To assist under-resourced school by tweaking existing structures pertaining to primary stakeholders, i.e. Learner, Educator and Parent.

School To Lead Foundation envisions to make holistic education accessible to school children in collaboration with schools and similar organizations. To enable this, we rely on the concept of 'Student Leadership', i.e. students take part in the decision-making processes and tweak the current education system to suit their needs better. We envision to empower Educators and Parents to be able to support Learners to grow into Student Leaders. When educational policies are designed FOR the students, they need to be designed WITH the students to be efficient.

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