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The School Project

Our School Development Program

We partner with schools to work on improving learning outcome along with focused support to key stakeholders. Regular interventions with learners, educators and parents contribute to overall school development.

The Educator Project

Our Teacher Support Program

We work with educators from schools and various educational organizations to develop professional and personal skills. We engage the educators at different levels, i.e. pedagogy, behaviour management, time utilization among other programs. Given the complexity of the role of an educator, we also extend support programs pertinent to mental health awareness.

The Student Project

Our Student Leadership Program

We work with students along three essential tangents to deliver holistic education: Academics, Values and Leadership.

We engage learners in a 4-step process that prepares them to be independent learners and responsible citizens.

The Parent Project

Our Parental Education Program

We prepare parents to be able to support their child's leadership journey. We engage parents in a 4-stage framework of Awareness-Engagement-Investment-Empowerment. Our regular intervention build accountability and responsibility among parents which contributes to holistic development of learners.

The Bridge Project

Our Student-led Program

We prepare and engage students from different schools to interact and support each other through various challenges. The project is aimed to bridge the gap between students from different socio-economic backgrounds. It is designed to imbibe values like gratitude, empathy and humility among the student leaders, which will help them in developing into responsible citizens.

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