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What do we believe in?

We believe growth is a continuous process and we are always open to new learning and possibilities along the journey. To be able to work towards our vision with maximum potential we believe to work by our core values, i.e. Collaboration, Perseverance and Equity. Through Collaboration we aim to work and grow together; With Perseverance we hope to be resilient in times of delayed success; By Equity we hope to create a fairer society for us and ours.

'Don't help others, enable them'


School To Lead Foundation strongly upholds the value of collaboration, perseverance and equity throughout its work. In order to work towards our vision of 'catalyzing holistic education', we depend on collaboration - inside and outside our organization. We are making efforts for the small but growing trend in India toward philanthropic collaboratives. A recent report by Bridgespan Group analyzes about the advantages and challenges encountered by philanthropic collaboratives. One of the respondent said “Compared to what my organization could achieve by acting alone, I believe my collaborative has enabled us to tackle large, complex social problems" and 71% respondents strongly agreed.

There are so many things that the philanthropic sector is not doing efficiently. For example, multiple funders have different and multiple audits, different monitoring, evaluating, and learning systems and metrics for impact. There is a lot of wastage of resources, time, and energy. Hence, we realized that everyone needs to collaborate to have much larger impact than what they could do alone.”


Along with collaboration, we uphold complementary values of Perseverance and Equity to fall back to in times of chaos. The work of collaboration can be quite challenging - as mentioned in the Bridgespan report as well - we rely on the value of perseverance to achieve our goals and the value of equity to align our goals and methodology.

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