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How did we come into being?

Immersed in the development sector primarily for education, we have acquired a growing knowledge of challenges at grassroots level. After gaining first-hand experiences through the lens of
Adaptive Leadership, we identified simple gaps that could catalyze the efforts by existing organizations- whether it be schools or other Non-government organizations or passionate individuals.


What do we work for?

In its pilot year 2020, School To Lead Foundation shall reach and impact 10+ schools in multifarious capacity and support 10+ organizations or individuals working in development sector with the common aim of catalyzing holistic education while keeping Student Leadership at the centre.

We aim to engage and empower the two stakeholders of a school system, i.e. Educators and Parents to be able to support the Learners in their Leadership journey.


What do we believe in?

We believe growth is a continuous process and we are always open to new learning and possibilities along the journey. To be able to work towards our vision with maximum potential we believe to work by our core values, i.e. Collaboration, Perseverance and Equity. Through Collaboration we aim to work and grow together; With Perseverance we hope to be resilient in times of delayed success; By Equity we hope to create a fairer society for us and ours.

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