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How do we impact learners?

At School To Lead, we advocate 'Student Leadership' where students, or as we call them, learners enable other learners to learn and grow together. When a student inspires and leads other students through mentoring, coaching or enabling learning by any other means- it is the beginning of a sustainable system for the learners by the learners. We enable learners to identify the leader within them and invest other stakeholders in their growth

We still associate with the obsolete idea of a conventional classroom in this age. How do we hope to prepare our learners for the future using the strategies and policies of the past? On the other hand, only adding technology to the insides of a classroom is not efficient, it's merely a quick fix which almost never turns into a long-term factor. We equate good infrastructure with good education, which is dangerous to presume on our part. The adults involved in education, from policy-level to the educators at ground-level need to look at the need of a classroom from the lens of future-generation. It is only because we have not begun to prepare our students to be future-ready that most graduates today are not even employable. For a long time now, education, schools, colleges and degrees have been a red tape process without any check for quality.

School To Lead impacts Learners on a holistic level- from academics to values to leadership. We keep Student Leadership at the core of our impact and measure transformation on multiple levels. Every student is different and so is their understanding of leadership- not every student resonates with conventional leaders from the world of business or politics. We prepare students to identify their own leaders and practice leadership instead of blindly following leaders that have been. We provide academic support to learners and prepare them to actively participate inside classrooms and outside. We build mindset-level change in learners so that they will identify and imbibe the values that resonate with them. We expose learners to professionals in form of workshops and seminars so that they are aware of their career options so as to make informed decisions. Happiness Curriculum in 2019 by the Department Of Education Delhi is a big step in the right direction. It introduces pre-primary and primary students to abstract concept of values, happiness, awareness and mindfulness. In these times of chaos, our students need a healthy outlet to channelize their energy and emotions, absence of which has pushing our generations on negative paths. We provide students to experience the practicalities and prepare them to identify and stand their ground.

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