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How did we come into being?

Immersed in the development sector primarily for education, we have acquired a growing knowledge of challenges at grassroot-level. After gaining first-hand experiences through the lens of
Adaptive Leadership, we identified simple gaps that could catalyze the efforts by existing organizations- whether it be schools or other Non-government organizations or passionate individuals.

'Don't help others, enable them'

Through various platforms for past few years, we were engaged in education sector for multifarious activities- from classroom interventions to school leadership to community engagement. Out of the numerous challenges witnessed in the journey, 'lack of collaboration' was the most common one- which often limited the results obtained by absolute hard work. Organizations and individuals working in the development sector face a gamut of challenges that push them to prioritize their own goals over other similar organizations- leaving no space for active collaboration. While dissecting why a particular organization was unable to maximize its impact, the lack of collaboration is often overlooked as a cause. Moreover, the work of collaboration does not come easy, it requires organizations to put their trust in one another. Potential collaboration between organizations is usually hindered by the lack of understanding of each others' work- due to the differences in idiosyncrasy and methodology.

School To Lead Foundation is ideated to catalyze holistic education using the tool of collaboration. We work with organizations and individuals engaged in education sector to buttress their work and multiply the impact. Building on the premise that many organizations and individuals who are engaged in philanthropic work often face challenges that limit their outcomes; we aim to bring such independent initiatives on a platform and enable them to maximize their potential. To achieve this, School To Lead Foundation is set to work with a two-pronged approach:

1.) To collaborate with existing organizations and individuals to maximize the impact of their work in alignment to their vision;

2.) To assist under-resourced school by tweaking existing structures pertaining to primary stakeholders, i.e. Learners, Educators and Parents.

School To Lead Foundation thrives on the value of 'Collaboration' and we believe in growing together. We aim to partner with schools, organizations and individuals who are contributing to our collective dream of 'making holistic education accessible'.

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