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At School To Lead, we believe that Parents should be considered as fundamental as the Educators in an education system. More often than not, what a student learns at the school comes undone if it is not reaffirmed by the parents at home or community. Abstract concept like values and mindsets remain a theory in students mind if they don't encounter the practical aspects of the same at home. This gap is probably the most significant one and yet the most overlooked in Indian education system. We have failed to build accountability at parents' part when it comes to learning associated with students. We need parents to be empowered enough to support the children in their leadership journey.

We provide regular intervention with the parents to gradually make them aware of their part in their child's learning. A Parent's responsibility does not end at providing resources and getting homework done, it begins there. We follow a basic framework of Awareness-Engagement-Investment-Empowerment to transform the mindset of parents and instill accountability on their part. It catalyzes the learning process for the student. More often than not, it also builds a relationship of trust between the parent and educator which goes a long way. 

We believe Parent-Teacher Meetings should not be limited to complaints and improvements, we encourage a layered model for PTMs. Our models instill trust of parents in the system and create strong communication between the two key stakeholders. 

We provide regular interventions for parents around financial planning, reaffirming values & mindset, emotional support. It is aimed to empower parents to be able to support the children through their leadership journey.


How do we impact the parents?

Parents play an indispensable role in a child's development, whether its academic or value-based. Evidently, students spend two-third of the day at home or their community as compared to only one-third at the school. School To Lead works towards empowering parents through a gradual process of awareness-engagement-investment-empowerment to enable them. Our ultimate goal is for the parents to be able to support their children through their journey of leadership.

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