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At School To Lead Foundation, we aim to catalyze holistic education and our impact spans across the three key stakeholders in an education system- whether it is a school or any other educational organization. Students potentially spend all their day either in school or at home and community, which makes educators and parents a fundamental in their journey. Lack of investment from these stakeholders often results in unattained potential of a student and investment, we believe, can only stem from awareness. Our impact creates an ecosystem of Student Leaders along with empowered educators and parents to support them. We follow a straightforward method of creating awareness, followed by engagement and investment of key-stakeholders which ultimately results in their empowerment. 

Student Leadership Model (2).png


How do we impact learners?

At School To Lead, we advocate 'Student Leadership' where students, or as we call them, learners enable other learners to learn and grow together. When a student inspires and leads other students through mentoring, coaching or enabling learning by any other means- it is the beginning of a sustainable system for the learners by the learners. We enable learners to identify the leader within them and invest other stakeholders in their growth


How do we impact Educators?

Educators are undoubtedly the most fundamental to every education system but at the same time the most overlooked profession. School To Lead impacts the key stakeholder in education system in a holistic manner. Our support and training for educators spans from pedagogy to curriculum to psychological support. We aim to empower educators to be able to support student leaders in their journey while growing themselves. To put simply, our programs help educators develop individually and collectively.


How do we impact the parents?

Parents play an indispensable role in a child's development, whether its academic or value-based. Evidently, students spend two-third of their day at home or their community as compared to only one-third at the school. School To Lead works towards empowering parents through a gradual process of awareness-engagement-investment-empowerment to enable them. Our ultimate goal is for the parents to be able to support their children through their journey of leadership.

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