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Teacher, or as we call them Educators, are a direct influence on learners inside the classroom where most of the learning takes place. However interesting a curriculum be, if the educators are not insightful about it then it is impossible to deliver an immersive first-hand experience. We support teachers by breaking down pedagogy and instructional strategies to suit the needs of their classrooms. Our various strategies aim to make the classroom more interactive as well as efficient for the learner as well as the educator.

We enable educators to be able to support student leaders and utilize their leadership to make the classroom more efficient. We encourage teachers to mobilize student leaders gradually while shifting the focus to more individualized attention to the other students. We provide regular interventions - weekly, monthly, yearly - to suit the specific requirements of educators. Instead of applying a 'one-size-fits-all' program, we strive to custom-build it for every school and each educator.

In addition to pedagogy, classroom strategies and instructional strategies, we enable educators to understand and break down value education in efficient ways. Values and mindsets are not meant to be taught only in separate classes but instead it needs to be imbibed in every lesson- irrespective of the subject. That is when a student can actually put them to practice and stop seeing it more than merely a theoretical subject. Similarly, we approach concepts like behavior management from a new perspective and provide step-by-step guidance to the teachers to execute the same in their classrooms.

School To Lead aims to transform educators on an individual level as well and helps them focus on their mental & emotional health. We organize sessions for educators to come together and share their experiences from classrooms and school, in order to find solidarity in the work that they all are committed towards. We have observed parent-teacher dynamics to be a consistent problem in many scenarios and we introduce fundamental conflict-resolution techniques for the same.


How do we impact Educators?

Educators are undoubtedly the most fundamental to every education system but at the same time the most overlooked profession. School To Lead impacts the key stakeholder in education system in a holistic manner. Our support and training for educators spans from pedagogy to curriculum to psychological support. We aim to empower educators to be able to support student leaders in their journey while growing themselves. To put simply, our programs help educators develop individually and collectively.

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