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We believe education is pivotal to development of individuals and hence the country as a whole. Education lays the foundation for a functional society by equipping students with a repertoire of practical knowledge, skills and mindsets. India, as a developing nation, needs more than the perfunctory education system that it is currently involved in- not only for the sake of new generation but also for the current generation that comprises teachers, parents and professionals. In the times when adults are failing to provide appropriate support to young generation, due to what we call 'generation gap' larger than ever, we as a society are on the verge of putting our trust in the young generation itself to guide us. Young activists like Licypriya Kangujam and Greta Thunberg are only a drop in the bucket when you think of the immense potential that this generation holds. We believe and advocate that a generation of young leaders is something India could really use against the present disarray where reimaging a functional society seems like a challenge. India is in a transitional phase, with old set of rules and norms no longer apply and need to change for better in accordance to the new generation. Under the same lens, one can clearly see the need to change education system in India at multiple levels and ideally replace it with the one that caters to the learners, educators and parents alike. With the new National Education Policy (NEP 2019) in place, we are looking at a set of equipped individuals to accomplish the best results out of it.


The Government of India 2018 Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) states that only 56 percent of 5th graders can read a 2nd-grade text (source). Whereas ASER 2019 states that only 53% of 8-years old in Std 3 could read Std 1 level text. A latest feature in TOI shows how the very foundation of learning - reading skills - is poor across states in India. School To Lead envisions growth by encouraging 'Student Leadership'. Student Leadership is when the end-user of any education system, i.e. students or- as we address them- learners, are kept at the center of every action. Deriving from the basic principle of 'Design-Thinking' where user-driven criteria is taken into account; we design the system WITH the LEARNERS along with the EDUCATORS and PARENTS. Our impact catalyzes efforts to build an education system where all three stakeholders transform into responsible citizens together

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School To Lead Foundation is ideated to catalyze excellent education using the tool of collaboration. We work with organizations and individuals engaged in education sector to buttress their work and multiply the impact. Building on the premise that many organizations and individuals who are engaged in philanthropic work often face challenges that limit their outcomes we aim to bring such independent initiatives on a platform and enable them to maximize their potential.

To achieve this, School To Lead Foundation is working with a two-pronged approach:

1.) To collaborate with existing organizations and individuals to maximize the impact of their work in alignment with their vision;

2.) To assist the under-resourced schools by tweaking existing structures pertaining to primary stakeholders, i.e. Students, Teachers and Parents.


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